Richard Muniz Photography

Profile and Approach to Photography

Today’s marketplace is increasingly competitive. Photographer Richard L. Muniz’s approach to Architectural and Commercial Photography is to focus on the subject’s shape, form and use light coupled with an artistic flair. This provides his clients with the “wish you were there” images┬áthat are so highly sought in today’s advertising and marketing industry.

Richard L. Muniz uses his architectural background and years of experience to capture the architect’s vision. Richard also works closely with builders and developers to help them get the most out of their photography investment. The result is images designed to reach their targeted audience.

Published Images

Richard’s images have been published in a variety of national publications around the country as well as regional and local magazines such as:

  • Texas Architect
  • Texas Monthly
  • Houston Home and Garden
  • Executive Golfer
  • Golf Digest
  • Golf Magazine
  • Avid Golfer
  • Texas Golf & Resorts
  • Golf Travel and Leisure
  • Texas Highway
  • Luxury Golf
  • Homes and Resorts