Richard Muniz Photography

Why Choose a Professional Photographer?

In today’s world it seems everyone has access to a digital camera, so why go the expense of hiring a professional photographer. Its simple does having a camera makes one an “Ansel Adams” or having a paint brushes make someone a “Monet”

Let’s comparing cost of hiring a professional photographer vs. the cost of every day operations of a running a developer’s corporate office space, hotel resort or mid-rise residential units. A developer, will actually will spend more on lawn maintenance in a month than the cost of hiring a professional photographer to “Truly Showcase” one’s property to attract his targeted audience to their facilities

How Do You Charge?

There are many deciding factors involved with pricing for photography assignments, starting with the clients will various needs in size and scope of the assignment. Is the assignment for a single-client or a multiple-client usage request, the number of images for interiors and exteriors, any special set-ups requested, shooting-late after closing hours, cost for hiring a photo-assistance(s), post-digital services color corrections and interventions, as well as the cost of travel for out of town the assignments

Is an Advance Deposit Required?

An advance deposit is required prior to the start of the assignment to secure an upcoming date(s), cover up front pre-production cost and or travel expenses incurred for out of town assignments

Multi-Client Usage Request?

For request for a multi-client usage, I do offer a discount-package for each client wishing to participate up-front. Prices, will vary upon the number of clients wishing to participate prior to the start of the assignment

Usage Rights to Images?

Upon completion of full payment client will receive usage rights license certificate (for a single-client use) of selected images for their immediate use. Any other parties wishing use of selected images should contact the photographer for additional rights. Images are not transferable to any other parties unless, otherwise agreed to by the photographer. Richard L. Muniz photography, retains all reserve rights

Liability Coverage?

As professionals, while on photography assignments I’m insured with liability insurance coverage while on the client’s job-site for all photographer(s) and crew-members involved with the assignment

Client Delivery Package?

Upon full payment client will receive a usage rights license certificate of their selected images, high-res Tiff files on a DVD disk, along with contact sheet(s) of selected images for their files, as well as a complementary J-peg folder of images that can be inserted onto client’s web-site use